Fortis Fibre Cement Wall Panels

An item that is truly green. The ground-breaking discovery that led to Fortis Fibre Cement Wall Panels was the result of intensive R&D work paired with cutting-edge technology. Fly ash, cellulose fibre, and fillers that are fire resistant are used to create the fibre cement wall panels UAE. Fortis fibre cement wall panel systems go through the Autoclaving high-pressure steam curing process during production to ensure enhanced dimensional stability and durability. The ideal alternative to wood is Fortis Fibre Cement Wall Panels Dubai, which provides a higher level of durability and versatility along with improved characteristics. They come in a variety of sizes to increase the flexibility of your creative options.


The claim that "One Board Many Applications" is adequately fulfilled by Fortis Fibre Cement Wall Panels. Contrary to other traditional wood-based reconstituted materials like plywood, particle board, and MDF, these fibre cement wall panel systems offer superior resistance to moisture, termites, and fire, making them perfect for a variety of applications in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our Fibre Cement Wall Panels UAE provide sophisticated dry construction solutions for interior and exterior applications, maximizing space usage while minimizing building time when used in conjunction with various substrate frameworks like timber, steel, and aluminium.

Why Choose Our Fibre Cement Wall Panel System

Extensive profiles with a homogeneous surface, muscular impact strength, and dimensional stability are the norm for fibre cement wall panels Dubai. They are, therefore, perfect for exterior home applications.

When dried over textured substrates, these wall panels can mimic the appearance of natural wood, which is why FCB has developed as a low-maintenance substitute for timber and wood-based cladding solutions. In addition, the cement-like appearance of untreated FCB can provide texture and accent to any plain, plastered, or painted building elevation. Due to their organic makeup and environmentally friendly manufacturing technique, Fibre Cement Wall Panels UAE outperform asbestos cement sheets (made of hazardous asbestos fibres), which the latter has completely replaced.

A building material called a fibre cement wall panel system is constructed of cement, quartz sand, and reinforced fibre. Fibre-reinforced with cement increases the material's tensile strength, making it a durable option for cladding and roofing


Our fibre cement wall panels UAE are much more effective and long-lasting than other boards when it comes to durability. This is due to the components' mesh-like molecular structure, which gives the fibre cement sheets their strength and flexibility.


More pores can be found in gypsum boards than in fibre cement wall panels. Due to this, gypsum boards can be cut with a knife, whereas fibre cement boards may need to be sawed. Additionally, they are simpler to install when utilizing taper-head drywall screws. The installation of our fibre cement wall panels Dubai must be done by experts.

Environment protection

Our fibre cement wall panels are safe for the environment. Our fibre and cement wall panels UAE are produced organically and pose very little environmental harm. They actually represent a new product, taking the place of numerous conventional materials like wood and cement. Gypsum plasterboard, on the other hand, is adaptable and recyclable as well. Still, it consumes a lot of energy during production, which has the potential to contaminate the environment and eutrophicate the water.

Resistivity to weather

The Fortis fibre cement wall panels Dubai have excellent resistance to all of these. Due to their excellent water resistance, they aid in preventing the development of mould and mildew on the surface of the roof. Other boards must be covered with a water-resistant substance to increase their water resistance because they are not naturally waterproof. The outside wall cladding made of fibre cement boards resists heat better than other boards because of the fibre in the material, insulating the space and maintaining a consistent temperature even during the hottest summers. Our fibre cement wall panels are also employed as sound-absorbing drywall partitions, allowing sound to permeate the walls like water through a sponge.

Fortis is a manufacturer of fibre cement wall panels that may be used for any purpose if you're seeking cladding solutions that are strong, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Cladding made of fibre cement is not only the best option but also the smartest. Call us right away!