The Use of Sandwich Panels

Fortis sandwich panels can be installed vertically or horizontally and come with a hidden-fix joint system, giving the structure a beautiful appearance. The selection includes reasonably priced sandwich cement wall panels with exposed fasteners that can be erected on commercial, residential, agricultural, or industrial structures. Our lightweight sandwich wall panels with outstanding thermal insulation and fire resistance are simple to install and come in a range of profiles, colors, and finishes to match your project.

The continuous production method used by us on a double conveyor belt is thought to be the most innovative method for eps wall panels UAE. It guarantees the best mechanical properties of the insulation because the foaming reaction mixture adheres firmly to both layers of the board under the influence of heat and free-rise foaming pressure, as well as having a significantly higher bending resistance.

Sandwich Panels For TEMPCON

Tempcon sandwich panels (TCSQ) are made of rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core, steel or aluminum for the external and internal sheets, and a Type-S1 or Type-Q profile for the inner skin.

All building applications for the roof and wall can use TCSQ cement wall panels.

Sandwich Panels For The TEMPARCH

Aesthetic, lightweight sandwich wall panels called Temparch Sandwich Panels (TA) are made with a rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core and an exterior and interior sheet of steel or aluminum.

Since Temparch sandwich panels UAE have a unique feature of hiding fasteners, they are more suited for walls and interior partitions in showrooms, hypermarkets, shopping centers, and commercial structures.

Sandwiched Mineral Wool

On a cutting-edge continuous production line, mineral wool EPS sandwich panels are made with fibrous mineral wool as the core material and pre-painted metal sheets as their surface layers. Before the final panels are ready to be cut, freshly manufactured panels are then cured in an enclosed, temperature-controlled conveyor press. The mineral wool sandwich panel has outstanding fireproof properties since both the metal sheets and the mineral wool are incombustible.

Our mineral wool sandwich panels can be utilized as interior dividers as well as roof and wall panels. Because of its fireproof, heat-insulating, and acoustic qualities, MW panels are frequently used for the building envelope of industrial and commercial structures in addition to other specialized uses.

Two Variants of our Mineral Wool Sandwich Panels UAE Are Available:

Panels For FIRECON

Lightweight sandwich panels by Fortis Firecon are made with a mineral wool core and external and internal steel or aluminum sheets that can vary in thickness, coating, and color.

In industrial structures, Firecon is a rigid sandwich panel that may be used for walls and roofs in various types of construction.


For all building applications, including interior partitions, Fortis Firewall sandwich panels are made with a mineral wool core and external and internal metal sheets in steel or aluminum of different thicknesses.

The sandwich-panel sandwich has emerged as the superior, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and versatile building material in the global building markets. A variety of materials that have recently replaced the standard designs used for many years in the building business have gained rapid notoriety in all facets and directions.

Sandwiches-panels (a cassette profile) have established themselves as the all-purpose material serving as a fundamental component in the construction of any building, from small apartment buildings to enormous shopping and entertainment complexes, stadiums, medical facilities, and commercial and industrial buildings.

Quick and Simple Installation

The cement wall panel is installed in a pre-assembled configuration, making the process simple and rapid. The project can be completed more quickly. As a result, they are cutting the construction period by more than a third.

The sandwich panel is not impacted by weather conditions like rain storms or other natural disasters because of how easy it is to install it. Panel projects are simple to disassemble, relocate, or upgrade without harming the surrounding area.


Fortis sandwich panels could reduce investment expenses by up to 20% while maintaining the caliber of the work. Foundation consolidation is made more accessible by the up to 40% reduced weight of cleanroom sandwich panels compared to conventional building materials. In addition, compared to employing traditional materials, the investment cost has decreased due to the elimination of all beams and columns.

Attractive Appearance

The lightweight sandwich wall panel works have a high aesthetic quality because the entire column and the main and auxiliary beams have been reduced. More importantly, because it is not vulnerable to the entanglement and obstruction of columns or beams like previous constructions, it will be convenient for the interior arrangement.

Environmental sensitivity

Due to its resistance to termites, insects, and mold in hot, humid climates, Fortis sandwich panels are an environmentally beneficial product. This kind of material is immaculate during construction, in contrast to other materials like cement, sand, gravel, etc., that pollute the environment.